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Mars, the Lodestone and Blood Red Energy


Motive, motivate, motion, action, activate… what planet am I talking about?  The one and only Mars of course, the red planet, associated alchemically with the metal iron.

planet_mars_signatue_002.jpgcfc7a679-805c-4baa-885b-fc0207a1e77fOriginal Massive amounts of iron oxide on it’s surface is what gives Mars it’s red color

item102687 It is the iron in blood that makes it red.  Hemoglobin is an iron molecule that binds with oxygen when we inhale, making it turn red and fueling metabolism.

What I would like to talk about in this post is the importance of EXAMINING YOUR MOTIVATIONS.  Energy (Mars) is on it’s way the minute you become motivated to do something.  The problem is that so many motivations are unconscious, and the energy is still on it’s way, but it might not be so welcomed.

M8DWHAB EC001 “Dr. Leo Marvin!”

What happens when you get scared?  Blood is sent to the major muscle groups to enable you to fight or flee.  During…

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